There’s no hierarchy in cures

All biases and preferences aside, there’s no hierarchy of cures or modalities for things which bother, stress, exhaust or sadden you. A walk through your local park lands can be just as effective as a trip to Machu Picchu. Nature is always offering you its love,...

Embracing our Shadow

Embracing our Shadow

  I was listening to a great interview on Soundstrue this morning with American spiritual leader Adyashanti. He advised that we need to embrace our shadow aspects so that we are less likely to be possessed by them. This also results in us embracing our wholeness; the...

How to be grounded

How to be grounded

The expression of "being too much in your head" can manifest itself in a few ways. You may be constantly cogitating and agitating. You may be absent from other people or factors in your life. You may be distracted, you may be over-reactive. And you won't be grounded....

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