About Me

I’m on a mission to empower a kinder, fairer and more loving world.

I believe the most powerful way to do that is to help women love and believe in themselves.

I’m committed to helping women thrive because there are far too many of us living in fear and doubt. 

I always considered myself a pretty confident person and then the reality of motherhood smacked me in the face. It was far from the perfect ideal I’d always imagined.

Despite knowing motherhood was one of my most precious wishes, I spent so much of the early years of my daughter’s life feeling anxious, hyper-vigilant and even loathing myself. I became overwhelmed by the isolation, and lost my connection to who I was.

I remember thinking it shouldn’t have to be this way.

One day my daughter started anxiously twirling her hair, her beautiful face masked with distress. She was acting out my anxiety. I felt awful. Things had to change.

I knew kinesiology had helped heal my friend’s daughter’s separation anxiety. I decided it was time to get some help for my girl.

When we got to the kinesiologist’s clinic, I was an anxious mess. I began to tell the kinesiologist why we were there, but broke down in a flood of tears.

The kinesiologist said, “Right! You’re up first!”

I’d gone there for my daughter, but it was me who needed the support and care first.

After those sessions, I felt a new sense of calm and peace. I began to realise that I was doing my best as a mother, and I was good enough.

I became kinder to myself, and we all began to enjoy life more. My daughter’s anxiety stopped. I was able to meet my kids’ needs without feeling so overwhelmed by responsibility, or falling into resentment and then guilt.

I realised I was precious. And I fell in love with kinesiology.

Now, I use kinesiology to help other women thrive. Reconnecting women to their joy, power and intuition is my life’s work.

I don’t want any woman to go through what I went through.

If this resonates, and you’d like to feel supported and begin to thrive again, I’d love to connect with you.

To get started, you can book in a free 15 minute Skype chat with me.

Are you ready?

As for qualifications, I have a Diploma in Kinesiology from the International College of Kinesiology Practice. I am also a certified Angel Card reader, The Liquid Crystals Level 1 practitioner, The Liquid Trees Level 1 practitioner,  a Pellowah Level 2 practitioner and lastly I have a BA in Media Studies (from oh so long ago).

And what do I do for fun?  I love riding my rather long cargo bike with my two little ones on the back, having my feet on green grass under a blue sky, catching waves on my trusty boogie board, gazing at the moon and being in places where the horizon is a long way off.


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