Anna’s sessions are incredible. I had my first session with Anna a few months ago and it was like meeting a heaven-sent Angel!! Anna is one of the most compassionate and non-judgemental people I have ever met in my entire life.

This winter past, I was extracting the last few remaining “weeds” in the garden of my precious life… all the things, internal and external, and all the people, who were not serving my greatest good nor aligned with my highest path.

In Anna’s beautiful, gentle and nurturing way, she supported me to process, clear and release some deep, ancient pain and trauma. I am standing stronger than I ever have, and I feel whole. Supported. Integrated. Clear.

Anna helped me to honour my experiences, to extract the deepest wisdom and truths, and to move forward with ease and grace. Anna is a gifted, powerful healer and works at a very high vibrational level. She is a wise, supportive and warm soul and holds a deeply nurturing space for transformation.

Anna is a rare gem. She is pure love. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her is truly blessed.

I’ve had three sessions now and will continue working with Anna to support my personal and business development as I evolve.

I have never felt so safe, loved and supported in Kinesiology sessions before. In addition – Anna is honest and does not coddle you – she will help you to see the truth of where your perceptions may be skewed. She guides you back into your heart and opens it right up. In the most graceful, loving and gentle way that I have actually yet to experience with another healer.

I can’t thank you enough Anna. So much love to you. xxxx

Jacqui Palazzo, Kinesiologist, Melbourne

“Anna’s sessions are amazing. She helped me to release my limiting belief of not being a good enough mum, something that had been holding me back for a while and preventing me from fully experiencing joy in my life / with my kids. She’s amazing.”

Claire Bednall Yoga Instructor

“This afternoon the beautiful Anna Calandro held an amazing healing space for me for ninety minutes.

The comfort, healing and acknowledgement of my journey left me feeling full of gratitude, light and hope.

Thank you beautiful sister for carving this time out for me and holding me as we unravelled the large ball of emotional twine.

I feel truly blessed.” Andrea Angel

What an amazing experience. Anna was such a compassionate person to work with and very delving in a nurturing way… I loved it and we had our session over Skype … THANKYOU.”   Renee Emmaline, Kinesiologist

’m feeling really great after my session with you. We did so much clearing that as soon as we got off the call I was guided step by step to a birthday party and received a kiss haha. For the past month I have been so shut down to receiving that no one even looks at me. And since then it’s been completely different. I can feel all of that has shifted totally and I’m back to trusting the safety of receiving. Thank you so much.”

Hannah Wilson, Intuitive Artist

I want to thank Anna Calandro for my session today. OMG we covered some ground! We covered sooo much ground! I started the session with a tension headache over a recent event, and ended up in my childhood. I laughed, I cried, I felt, Anna cleared and I healed some pretty heavy stuff. The headache went and was replaced with a feeling of empowerment. Thank you Anna, that was magic and I am sooo looking forward to using the wonderful and spot on liquid crystal drops you recommended for followup. Bless you gorgeous, & thank you for that wonderful experience of kinesiology! ❤ ❤ ❤ Jo Lewis

“I initially came to Anna with a frozen shoulder that had been bothering me for a few months. Over a number of sessions, that I found calming and enlightening, Anna was able to help me achieve an almost full range of movement and relief from intense pain. I have continued to see Anna as I have found Kinesiology to be of great benefit to me in a number of aspects of my life and that of my family.”



Care worker

“I had the pleasure of mentoring Anna whilst she was studying to become a kinesiologist. Firstly, I was impressed by Anna’s natural ability to muscle test clients in a gentle and direct manner, together with her high level of knowledge. I believe this is a reflection of her passion for and belief in the positive life changing benefits of kinesiology. I would confidently recommend Anna as a Kinesiologist and wish her much success.”

Sonya Doljanin


Kinesiology with Anna is a great alternative way to work towards a goal you are aiming to achieve. Anna’s friendly, welcoming environment and demeanor provides a tranquil, relaxing experience using muscle monitoring to harness healing energy for the body, mind and soul. I would recommend to anyone experiencing trouble within themselves or just wanting to try a new experience.”



University pyschology student

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