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Kinesiology Melbourne

You are powerful beyond measure.

But you might not know that fully. Yet.

I’m Anna Calandro, kinesiologist, emotional and energetic worker. I support women to reconnect with their soul using the beautiful realm of healing energies, emotional embodiment, The Liquid Crystals, The Liquid Trees, soul centres and kinesiology.

Anna Calandro

Anna Calandro

I’m on a mission to empower a kinder, fairer and more loving world.
I believe the most powerful way to do that is to help mothers love and believe in themselves.

I’m committed to helping mums thrive because mums are so important. And I know how challenging motherhood can be… read more



Anna Calandro

Phone: 0416 733 834

Email: anna@annacalandro.com

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Hours & Info

10.00am – 3.00pm

Weds – Northcote

Tues & Thurs – Bellfield

Melbourne, VIC


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