All biases and preferences aside, there’s no hierarchy of cures or modalities for things which bother, stress, exhaust or sadden you.

A walk through your local park lands can be just as effective as a trip to Machu Picchu. Nature is always offering you its love, wisdom and support.  When I sit under my favourite tree I instantly feel calmer and more grounded.  Nature delights and soothes me on so many levels.

Today I drove my boy and his friend half way to school.  I did this so that we could all benefit from some time in nature.

And if you live in concrete world with hardly any trees you can still benefit.  Find an image of your favourite tree or landscape and spend some time really connecting with it.  Another option is to close your eyes and really feel yourself where you are wanting to be.  What can you see, smell, hear or taste? And how does that make your body feel?

A cup of tea with a cherished friend can be just as therapeutic as a trip to your friendly counsellor.  It’s the connection of two human hearts which can affect profound change.

A few conscious breaths can be just as rejuvenating as 20 minutes spent in dedicated meditation.

Please, please, please don’t underestimate the power of what you have at your disposal without spending a cent.

A walk in nature can be so healing