The fastest way to clear yourself of an emotion is to practice something I know as emotional embodiment.

Emotions register in the body as a physical sensation, whether it’s heaviness, tightness or pain.  But here’s the thing.  They are gateways back to yourself, back to your soul.

I find it both a privilege and illuminating to guide clients into emotional embodiment. Usually, it’s a very gently process but sometimes it’s a colourful ride with the client easily dropping through layers of vibrant images and messages.  All the while I hold sacred space and the client feels nurtured and safe.  Your body, with its highest intelligence, will only let you face what you are ready to face. 

Here’s the basic process that you can try by yourself.

Firstly, find an issue or emotion you want to work on.  Maybe you’re feeling blocked or overwhelmed.

Secondly, close your eyes and focus your attention on your body in relation to the emotion.  See what part of your body is calling you the loudest.  Let go of any thoughts or stories and just focus on the physical sensations.  Does it feel tight, heavy, tingly etc.? Then see yourself submerging yourself into the sensation.  If it’s daunting to submerge yourself, then just sit at the edge of it to start with.

Whatever you’re feeling is okay.  By feeling it you can release any possible blockages.  Just surrender into the sensations of your body.

Ask your intuition what this sensation, e.g. tightness, means?  Then see if, with gravity’s help, you can drop deeper.  To drop further into it.  Let your body know that you are ready to listen to it. Welcome all that comes up. There is no rush in this process.

Are there any colours associated with the physical sensation? I usually find that people start off with dark, sombre colours and then progress into lighter ones. The lighter ones are reached at the deepest core of your body.  Open here and expand into the lightness.  You may feel freer and more expansive.  Enjoy this beautiful sensation. Breathe it in deeply to all your cells. 

If you get a flash of memory into the pain, work with that.  Maybe you get a vision of yourself as a small child.  Let your current, wise, loving self, go back to your younger self and ask her what she needs?  Listen carefully.  Give her your love and invite her to heal.  Imagine wrapping her up in a loving embrace and then let your current self come back to the present.

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