I’ve been on quite an emotional roller coaster lately and it’s rattled me in many ways. Questions are raging: “What have I done? Who am I? Do I have what it takes to pursue my dreams?

Self doubt and fear (friends from way back) are inviting themselves back into my world.  But then I ask myself “What do you think you’ve been doing all these years and doing well?”

I’ve brought two wonderful children into the world and raised them on my own.  I’ve returned to study and achieved a Diploma in Kinesiology.  My open-minded GP has referred clients to me.  I moved myself and the kids interstate to follow my heart only to find that it’s not there that we belonged.

I’ve been knocked down many times but here I am, a little weary but still optimistic, still standing, still open to wondrous new possibilities.

It’s time for me to shine again.  Time for me to speak my truth a little louder.  In my heart I know that we are all magnificent beings but so many of us are too scared to realise and claim it.

It’s time for me to stop doubting and start doing.  And how about you? Just take one small, positive step and see what happens.  Go on, I dare you. xxx