Recently I found myself in an intensely masculine environment and my reaction was to dissociate and leave it. I wish I had known other ways of dealing with it. Instead of freaking out about the exterior world I always had the choice to go within.  To go deep and find that place within me that knows flow, peace and love.  This is how my divine feminine is and it’s so very curious that I chose to overlook her. It’s takes presence and faith to know that all that we seek really does lie within us.

Our divine feminine resides in our heart.  She is not loud and rowdy but she is strong, oh so strong and you really do need to tune in to her and listen. Be patient when seeking answers.  Time doesn’t matter so much here. The divine feminine knows courage, grace and nurturing. She stands opposed to fear and aggression.

As the mother of two little ones, I am often in my head and the masculine mode of doing.  Just getting the kids to school takes so much doing. But how would it look if we took a more feminine route?  If I as their mother, modeled that it’s really rather easy.  It’s an approach that would hopefully reduce much stress for all of us.  And this in itself, means it’s worth a go.

Wishing you all happy flow and peace. Anna xxx