View from Darebin Creek

Nature is the perfect place to ground.

The expression of “being too much in your head” can manifest itself in a few ways. You may be constantly cogitating and agitating. You may be absent from other people or factors in your life. You may be distracted, you may be over-reactive. And you won’t be grounded. It’s not really a great place to be.
When I find myself going over the same things in my head, I find it really helpful to consciously ground myself.  I have two favourite ways of doing this.  The easiest is just breathing slowly and deeply.  You can do this anywhere or at any time and chances are nobody will notice you doing so.
But being in nature is perhaps my all-time favourite way to get grounded. For me, nothing is more beautiful, inspiring or soothing as the ocean or the forest.  
It’s been an emotional week for me. On Sunday, I felt an overwhelming need to go to one of my favourite spots along the Yarra and just be with the trees.
Although this sometimes feels like a luxury. That is, taking time out to really connect with nature, it’s really more of a necessity.  This is how I get grounded. I also love to do yoga and spend a few minutes meditating.  What’s your favourite way to get grounded?
Anna xxx