Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

We all know the importance of loving yourself. But how many of us do it unconditionally (and that means no beating yourself up when you make a mistake)? Anita Moorjani, author of the excellent book Dying to Be Me says, "Love yourself like your life depends on it,...

Fear, what is it good for?

At a most excellent kinesiology session I received this week, I discovered just how much fear I have been recently holding on to and how it was keeping me back. Much of my fear and challenge is to do with a perceived notion of lack, i.e lack of time, abundance etc....

Colour me beautiful

Colour me beautiful

If you have seen my couch and accompanying rug, you know that I just love colour. And generally for me: the brighter, the better. You may have heard that every colour has a vibration. So colour is not just pretty to look at, it can also affect how you feel. Chinese...

Giving Candida the flick

For as long as I can remember I have had a proverbial sweet tooth Highlights of my childhood, apart from day trips to the beach slathered in Coppertone, were days perched on the kitchen stool  watching my mum make cakes. Whenever she made a cake she would make two...

Getting out there

Getting out there

Two seconds ago, I was happily filling in my Kundalini 40 Day Yoga Challenge work book. The question which prompted this blog post was in the sacral chakra section and it was, "What’s holding you back from expressing your passion?" And the answer is something I’ve...

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